Paul George to the Celtics is the Best OptionĀ 

Written By: Conner Pack 

We’re only a couple weeks into the NBA offseason and we’ve already seen multiple trades. On draft night we saw a major trade between the Bulls and Timberwolves that sent Jimmy Butler to Minnesota. Then there was the Chris Paul trade that sent him to the Rockets. Those are just a couple, I’m sure there will be more to come but those so far in my opinion have been the two most impactful. But the biggest name in this years offseason talks has been Indiana Pacers forward Paul George. 

Now, he’s still under contract for one more season but he’s made it very clear that he plans on leaving after next season, if he isn’t traded. He’s been open about wanting to play for the Lakers, but it doesn’t look like they’re going to make a trade to get him a year sooner, since he plans on going there after next season. Which makes since. 

So, if the Lakers don’t make a trade offer, that then leaves the window open for other teams to possibly make a move and trade for him. The only problem with that is you might only be renting him for one season, if he’s that dead set on going to the Lakers. But what if the team that trades for him is already a quality team that is in the mix and is on the verge of being a championship contender? Could that team possibly trade for him and talk him into resigning? 

That leads me to why I think Paul George being traded to the Celtics makes the most sense, for both the Pacers and Celtics. 

Let’s start with why it makes sense for the Celtics, last season the Celtics finished first in the east but no one really considered them a “real” championship contender. However, the Celtics have a solid core group of guys, a great head coach, and they play in the east. If Paul George ended up being traded to the Celtics it would be a major game changer and give George a great opportunity to contend for an NBA Championship. 

One, the Celtics have a group of experienced guys lead by Isaiah Thomas. Adding George to the mix would give the Celtics another guy who can create his own shot and take over games if needed. Something the Celtics have lacked. 

Two, Brad Stevens might be the second best head coach in the NBA, behind Popovich. In four seasons he took the Celtics from out of the playoffs to the top seed in the east. Also, he hasn’t had the superstar names that other teams have had. Just imagine what he could do with a star like George. 

Three, the eastern conference for the past several years has been very weak. Since the LeBron James Miami Heat days, LeBron has dominated the eastern conference. Mainly because the other teams haven’t had enough talent. Paul George on the Celtics would put the Celtics right up there with the Cavaliers. 

Why would this be good for the Pacers, because the Celtics have a lot to offer. The Celtics have stock piled draft picks for years now, so they’d have several they could offer up. Also, the Celtics have a multitude of solid role players that can be impactful if traded away. I just feel that Indiana would get the best return from the Celtics if they decided to pull the trigger and trade him there. 

– Final Thoughts

If Paul George wants to play in the NBA Finals and win a championship his best chance of doing that is in Boston. In the west, the Warriors aren’t going anywhere. In the east, things looks be opening up depending on what LeBron decides to do after next season. Also, the Celtics are the front runners to sign Gordon Hayward, another all star caliber player. 

I just think the situation would be much better and he wouldn’t have as much pressure on him. Because the Celtics already have a great foundation, they just need one or two more pieces to get them to that next level. 

Finally, since the Celtics already have their foundation Paul George would just have come in and find his rhythm. He would already be surrounded be good talent with an identity. Unlike going to another team where he would have to carry the team on his shoulders. 

We’ll see what happens.